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Backing up this superior Miami Beach event venue is a long menu of service options; each one backed by a team and their commitment to making your gathering run smoothly, from the grand opening to farewell handshakes. 

Our dedicated, savvy team of convention services managers, event planning staff, catering managers, and meeting concierges will ensure that your Fontainebleau event is a success. Our staff of event specialists sees to it that our Miami Beach event venues and equipment are cutting edge, including top-of-the-line sound systems and video distribution, digital signage with high-definition displays, technology enabled interactive wayfinding, a distributed antenna system for two-way radio, Wi-Fi and cellular systems. 

To help with important details surrounding your Miami Beach event, we’ve partnered with several proven destination management companies to assist you and your guests with airport transfers, spouse tours, off-site events, and much more. Also, in addition to catering options, Fontainebleau also hosts a wide variety of restaurants with private dining options.

For more information and expert event planning help, please call 305-538-2000.

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