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From Ocean Dream
To Desert Destination

Forever Fontainebleau

A celebration of the exceptional. From uncompromising aesthetics to premium services, world-class entertainment and unique culinary experiences, the possibilities are limitless.


Miami Beach

Originally designed by famed architect Morris Lapidus, the cultural landmark is an American icon of modern spectacle, timeless elegance and unrivaled history.


Las Vegas

A sophisticated masterpiece, elevating the Strip as a powerhouse of the unexpected and bringing a unique integrated approach to curated experiences.

Elegance and Luxury
Never Go Out of Style

Fontainebleau blurs the line between the glamour of the past, the style of the present and the luxury of the future.


The prestige of the Fontainebleau is built upon 70 years of classic beauty, unparalleled service and visionary imagination.

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Our History

Inspire a Legacy
of Magic

Beyond business, beyond leisure, beyond travel, beyond luxury - the Fontainebleau looks to have impact on our communities, our neighborhoods, our staff, our guests, our industry at large. As builders, entrepreneurs, creators, visionaries - We welcome ingenuity and imagination, fostering opportunities for extraordinary enrichment.