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    Miami Spa Month
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    Miami Spa Month

    Treat your mind, body, and soul to some well-deserved pampering during Miami Spa Month!

    Schedule your holistic wellness experience today at

    Swedish Massage

    The maximum relaxation and pain relief ritual to reclaim your mental sanity and well-being. Ease tense muscles, reduce feelings of stress and emerge fully refreshed with a Swedish Massage offered with 150mg of high potency CBD oil sourced from the organically grown hemp plant and infused with anti-inflammatory lavender. Our oil is THC-free, so no toxicity or side effects.



    Designed to give your hands and feet the pampering they deserve. Our Lapis signature manicure provides a comprehensive treatment for your hands, including nail shaping, cuticle clean up, and skin hydration. You can choose between a polished look or a natural buff finish. Our Lapis signature pedicure takes care of feet by offering cuticle clean up, exfoliation of calluses and heels, and a nourishing dry skin treatment.

    Refresh and Renew Facial

    with Scalp Massage

    Cleansing facial featuring results-driven botanical products. AHA and fruit enzymes dissolve dead skin cells as hyaluronic acid weightlessly hydrates skin. Potent ceramides aid in locking in moisture and form a protective barrier to the elements.

    Contact / Info

    or Toll Free 866-750-4772 or Email [email protected]

    Hours of Operation

    Monday – Sunday | 9:30AM – 6PM


    Extend your wellness experience and bring luxury home with our selection of signature souvenirs, premium bedding, spa products, and more.

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    Spa Facility Guidelines

    All Lapis Spa guests must be 18 years or older to use the facilities.
    All guests must purchase a 50-minute spa service or package to access spa facilities. Salon services do not include use of spa facilities.
    Hotel guests without spa appointments can enjoy the facilities for an additional fee.
    The spa retains the right to refuse service to anyone or ask them to leave the facility.

    Showering is essential prior to entering any of the communal water amenities and before any treatment.

    No phones, cameras, or electronic devices are allowed within the spa facilities that may disrupt another guest’s enjoyment.
    No photography allowed.
    Robes, slippers, private lockers, grooming amenities, and toiletries are all provided.
    Light healthy snacks and alcohol-free refreshing beverages are also offered.

    Spa Robes, Sandals and Towels are not permitted outside the spa. If you are planning to go to the pool during your spa visit, we recommend you bring the proper clothing and shoes.

    Bathing suits are required. Please wear casual clothing and no jewelry. It is customary for guests to disrobe for spa treatments, but you may wear a swimsuit or undergarments if you wish. Your body will be draped at all times, your preferences will be respected.

    We advise all guests to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of scheduled treatments, allowing time to change, shower, and acclimate to the spa environment. To experience the Lapis Ritual Water Journey, please arrive one hour or more in advance. A late arrival to your appointment will result in an abbreviated treatment and the full price will be charged.

    We advise pregnant spa guests to avoid treatments using deep pressure and heat, as well as the Immersion Mineral Jet Bath. Please notify us of your due date when scheduling your appointment so that we can assist in determining the best treatments for you. Massage will only be offered to guests in the second or third trimester.

    A low voice and quiet tones are appreciated by your fellow guests. To preserve the tranquil nature of the spa, please be considerate of other guests. Cell phones and other personal electronic devices are not permitted in the spa.

    Prices do not include 20% service charge or tax. Discounts and promotions may not be combined. Services are subject to availability. Changes or cancellations require 24-hour notice, or a 100% fee will be applied. Gratuity may be provided for staff who exceed expectations.

    To respect guests’ privacy, general tours of the spa facility may be limited to specific times of the day. Tours of the second level of the spa are by appointment only, so as not to disrupt spa services.

    Lapis Spa discounted value parking is $15, valid for up to five hours. Standard rates apply after five hours.