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Fontainebleau Hotel's Executive Pastry Chef, Brielle Fratellone recently collaborated with world-renowned French chocolate brand Cacao Barry, and traveled to the French chocolatiers’ lab, Or Noir® in Meulan, France to customize our newest creation, FONTAINEBLEAU SAPPHIRE NOIR™. 

To formulate the ideal dark chocolate, Chef Brielle looked for a flavor profile that would combine the tropical taste of yellow fruits and coconut with toasted nut to create the perfect Miami chocolate. Through extensive trial and error of several recipes, she achieved the perfect marriage of acidity, sweetness and bitterness in order to craft the most balanced recipe for Fontainebleau. The final result incorporates cocoa beans from The Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Mexico and features an intense cocoa taste that reveals yellow fruits with woody notes.

The FONTAINEBLEAU SAPPHIRE NOIR™ name describes the relation between chocolate and jewels, each which must have the perfect environment, temperature and ingredients to produce strong, beautiful crystals. Similar to crystals, chocolate must be worked within the perfect temperature and environment in order to achieve the ideal texture and flavor.

Look for FONTAINEBLEAU SAPPHIRE NOIR™ decadent dark chocolate products—a 3oz chocolate bar, signature pralines and a petit gateaux, in the hotel’s signature coffee and patisserie shop, Chez Bon Bon, and incorporated in specialty dessert selections in the hotel’s signature restaurants—StripSteak by Michael Mina, Scarpetta by Scott Conant and Hakkasan starting mid February.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach is the only hotel in the U.S. to retail their own, customized chocolate recipe!

At Fontainebleau guests will be able to experience FONTAINEBLEAU SAPPHIRE NOIR™ through the following experiences

  • Chocolate and wine pairing experience at StripSteak by Michael Mina : Guests will have the opportunity to taste three different wine varietals from different continents – each paired with Fontainebleau Sapphire Noir. Guests will learn about how each wine complements the dark chocolate. Reservations required. To reserve your seat, call 305-674-4780 | $25++ per person | Mondays & Wednesdays 
  • Dark Chocolate Bon Bons : Guests can enjoy Sapphire Noir paired with a variety of different flavors including the Signature Gemstone Collection – a collection of four Sapphire Noir pralines artistically created to look like jewels. The gemstone collection consist of the following flavors: classic Sapphire Noir, mango chili, caramel plantain and smoky mezcal | $2 each
  • Fontainebleau Sapphire Noir 3 oz. Dark Chocolate Bar : The complexity of Sapphire Noir in its purest form  | $10 each | Chez Bon Bon 
  • Fontainebleau Sapphire Noir Petit Gateaux ‘chocolate textures’ : Sapphire Noir chocolate creamy, crunch, cake and mousse with coco nib glaze | $6
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