Bleau Bar and Miami Beach Lounge

Bleau Bar

Bleau Bowtie

Sip your favorite cocktails in style while admiring Fontainebleau’s hallowed ground for a who’s-who in entertainment starting in the 50’s and 60’s. Bleau Bar, in the lobby level, has long been regarded as the meeting place of the stars. While the names change, the cool celebrity vibe never will. Stick with a classic cocktail or see what fresh ideas the head mixologist has in mind. Hit the spacious dance floor and sharpen your moves. Give your party the star treatment and reserve space at our exclusive table locations (bottle service only)…Window Tables offer the ideal vantage point of the pool and entire Miami Beach cocktail bar, Center Tables put you in the middle of it all, and Lobby Tables are the premier spot to meet, mix and mingle. All are perfect places to see…and be seen. This is your opportunity, so grab it.


MON - THU | 12 NOON - 2 AM
FRI - SUN | 12 NOON - 3 AM

For Table Reservations call 305-674-4760

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