Luxury Yacht


Bleau Bowtie

Your ship has come in…and it needs a place to stay. Like a beacon, our Miami Beach marina draws in pleasure crafts of all sizes and shapes. Tie up for a day or overnight and climb aboard for high-style fun with Fontainebleau’s distinctive restaurants and neon nightlife, or just relax with friends around the Bowtie pool when you rent a pool chair or luxurious cabana. If you get too spoiled, indulge for the night in one of the resort’s spacious guestrooms and enjoy Fontainebleau to the fullest, from a restful spa session to late-night live stage performances.  

If you’re already staying at the Fontainebleau, let us help you book a private yacht charter leaving directly from our adjacent Intercoastal marina in Miami Beach. Experience being a yacht owner for a day, as you sail by the gleaming high-rise homes, past the mangrove forests and all the way to a magical sunset over the water. Private yacht charters include captain, crew, sodas, water and idle fuel. Feel free to bring your own food and libations onboard, or cruise in style and introduce your guests to your favorite seaside place. Miami sightseeing charters are customized to suit your dreams. For pricing, information and reservations call 786-589-7199 or visit The Charter Agency.

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